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The relationship is a conceptual feeling in which two people or more than two people are tied together. It is a sweet feeling for each other in the heart of two people. The relationship‘s depthness increases by the time as the two person come closer to each other. Even in your life those days will also come when your relationship compatibility will be at the top. You feel that this is the wonderful relationship that you and your life have.

The relationship can be of love, war. The relationship can exist between mother and his son, mother and her daughter, father and his son, father and her daughter, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend.

The relationship can be ruin, destroy or weak due to some problems that usually one face during the life. This is the most important time to test the relationship as well as the persons who are bound in a relationship. The problem that causes any relation to become weak can be anyone like financial problem, love problems, sex problems, lack of communication, lack of involvement and so on. The problem can be solved by by consulting some relationship experts or by self negotiations with each other.