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Lal Kitab, a book of extraordinary remedies, developed by Late Roop Chand Joshi, in a combination of language Urdu and Hindi which makes it a little difficult to understand also. LAL KITAB is a branch of VEDIC astrology which is capable of predicting future events and take the remedial steps if something bad or worse going to happen in near future and you are aware of that.

LAL KITAB UPAYS are so much high class and can solve all human problems and tensions and give a lot of and instant benefits if correctly suggested and measured. The remedial steps suggested in the Lal Kitab are very easy and do not require the yagnas, havnas, and the practice of ordeals.

The remedial steps are required because in this hectic and tension world, every thing form relationship, family, home and others factors affect us directly or indirectly. With LAL KITAB, you can bring back the happiness and make your life full of peace and joy. LAL KITAB predictions are based on the planetary position which lies in the twelve houses. Lal Kitab principles are simple and highly valuable. The predictions drawn from it are accurate, reliable and accurate and the remedies which are suggested in the LAL KITAB are simple to understand and easy to execute.